Account Setup & Onboarding Steps

1) Log in to your Quotit Account


2) Agent of Record ID’s

(Settings 9 Agency Preferences 9 Agent of Record ID’s)

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3) Online Application Settings

(Settings 9 Agency Preferences 9 Online Application Settings)

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4) Select Your Plans (Uncheck what you are not selling)

(Settings 9 Agency Preferences 9 Select Your Plans)

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5) Upload Your Contacts (Only upload new contacts to avoid duplicates)

Single Contact:

(Individuals 9 New)

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Multiple Contacts:

(Individuals 9 Contacts 9 Bottom of screen 9 Action 9 Import from Excel 9 Go 9Check the box “Include Contacts in Autoresponder”9Browse and Select Excel File 9Upload

Required fields: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Zip, DOB, Gender

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